Mother’ day gifts ideas for kids to give

Mother’ day gifts for kids to give

Here are something’s. For kids to give to their Mom’s

Mother’s Day Potholders
The potholder was we just purchased potholders in several different colors, and the children put their handprint on them. Easy, messy, but worked. I still have mine!


Mother’s Day Booklets

Last year for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, as a Primary we made little booklets to give to all adult females and males, respectively. We had made upa survey with 10 fill in the blank(s), like:

My mother likes to:
The most fun or funniest thing I ever saw my mom do was:
I like it when my mom:
My mom’s favorite food is:
If I could give my mom anything, I’d give her:
I think my mom would like to go:
The thing I hear my mom say the most is:
When my mom wakes up, she:
I wish my mom wouldn’t:
I love my mom because:
We included a little introduction from the PP, artwork that had been reduced significantly to fit 1 on each page (ours was at the bottom) with the child’s name and a color card stock cover with a cartoon-type picture, Happy Mother’s Day, (Ward Name) Primary and the date printed on it.
For the layout, we had one statement at the top of the page and then had a tabbed column with the children’s responses and another tabbed column with the children’s names. We included all children’s responses to al questions, though we did edit rude, unkind comments. This also required phone calls to those who had left blanks or were absent both weeks we allowed to gather information. We had allotted some time during ST to do this and we asked teachers to help by giving the children time to finish sometime during class. We gathered the pages at church- no pages went home with children! The booklet was an 8 1/2 X 11″ sheet folded in half so everything was printed landscape format. It was basically the same thing for Father’s Day, though we made up
different questions to use:

To describe my dad, I’d say he is:
It’s great when my dad and I:
My dad likes to eat:
I like the way my dad:
On Saturdays, my dad usually:
I think my dad would most like to have:
Lots of times my dad says:
A favorite place of my dad’s is:
It’s not fun when my dad:
I’ll show love for my dad by:

Idea from Ladawn in SC


Sweetheart Roses

chocolate kisses
pink plastic wrap
green tape and regular tape
green pipe cleaners
green tissue paper
Step 1: For each one, first form the bud by taping two foil-wrapped candies bottom to bottom. Drape a 5″ square of pink plastic wrap over the top of one kiss, then gather the edges and twist them into a tail.
Step 2: Tightly twist the top of a green pipe cleaner around the tail for the stem.
Step 3: At that point, add leaves by holding a strip of green tissue paper against the stem and rolling the pipe cleaner around the center of the strip.
Step 4: Trim the leaves so that they have pointy tips, and wrap green tape around the stem portion above the leaves to reinforce it.


Flower Cookies

Last year, the children in our Primary made “flower cookies” for the moms.
For each flower you will need:

1 skewer
1/2 green gum drop
1 gum drop any color
1 flower shaped butter cookie (round with scalloped edges and a hole in the middle)
1 construction paper circle of leaves (draw a small circle then add leaf tips coming out of the center)
Hold the skewer pointed side up and add the items in this order:
green gum drop half
paper leaves
butter cookie
any color gum drop (with rounded point on the top covering the skewer tip completely)
We put a plastic baggie over each one to preserve it. Most of the children were able to make these on their own. The cost was about $10. for our primary of 55 active kids. They were a big hit.

Mothers of the Prophets
Stories we have come up with about prophets and their mothers:
Joseph Smith poem of his mother: Joseph Smith, “Mother,” Friend, May, 1972, inside back cover.
George Albert Smith talking of his mother teaching him to pray: Marianne C. Sharp, “Women and the Scriptures,” Tambulie, June 1979, 14
I did a search at in church magazines “prophet mothers,” it gave me 690 documents to look at and I have only started.
Connie Ehninger, Corvallis, Oregon

Hand Print Poem

On a piece of white cardstock, print the following verse at the bottom (we
used a kid-looking font):
These little hands can wave hello
Or put smudges on the wall
They can fold in prayer, throw a kiss
Or reach up when I say, “So Tall”.
They will clasp your hand for an autumn stroll,
Or shape a dinosaur from clay.
But most of all they will stay with you
When I’m grown and far away.


Sponge Flowers

We were able to purchase a dozen kitchen scrubbie sponges in a package from
the dollar store last year. We cut them into tulip and four-petal flower shapes (there were pink, yellow, green and blue colors in the package) and cut two small holes in the center of each sponge with sharp, pointy scissors (we did all this before Primary on Sunday). We also copied the poem below and the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day” onto colored paper and cut them out with a paper cutter (the phrase was cut into strips). In Primary on Sunday, the kids got to choose the sponge and card color (one piece of cardstock, folded in half), and a poem and phrase strip. Then we took scissors and cut two holes through cardstock where the kids wanted the sponge to be, and twist-tied the sponge to the card (you could probably use a brad for this as well). Then, they got to draw leaves and stems and butterflies on the front of the card once the sponge was attached and glue the phrase onto the front. Inside the card we had the poem for them to glue that said:
To Make a Mother’s Day gift fantastic
I made for you a flower of plastic
I give it to Mom with this special wish
May it help you scrub each pot and dish!
They signed their names inside the cards and that was it. We had several example cards for the kids to look at to get ideas.
If you could find those round kitchen scrubbies (not sponges – my mom called
them “toughies”) really cheap, you could use them as well, we just couldn’t find them cheap enough. They would be easier because you wouldn’t have to cut them!
Shellie Schultz


Flower Pot Pen
An easy Mother’s Day gift is to make a flower pen. You fill a small flowerpot with plaster of paris, press the cap of a stick pen into the plaster before it dries. (Cut the protruding pocket clip off of the cap first) Attach a silk flower to the pen with green floral tape, covering the entire pen except for the writing tip. Attach a couple of leaves with floral tape also. When plaster dries put pen in cap. You now have a flower pot pen for a gift!
Zanne in FL

Blossoms of Blue
Last year our Primary Children sang “I Often Go Walking” and held up their “flowers of blue”. We traced each child’s hand on blue paper then you make a flower out of them (the fingers are the petals) and put them on a green pipe cleaner. After they sang they gave their flowers to their moms. I still get compliments on the flowers.
Teri Williams

Royal Crown
Today my daughter (4year old) came home from preschool with a paper crown she had made. She cut and glued shapes like stars and diamonds sprinkled with glitter on to the crown. It was made just for me and she was so proud of it. She put it on my head and handed me a card with this little poem with her hand print on it (See Poem Below) and said now ask me to do something. I asked her to unload the Dishwasher which I never ask her to do she was so happy with her self that when she was done she wanted something else to do. (never underestimate a child I didn’t think she would do it, nor did I think she was big enough. I just wanted to make her feel important) So I sent her to dust and clean her room and it was amazing how this magic crown worked. I thought I would pass this along as a mothers day idea it means so much to the little ones when they have no money to be able to give mom something. I have 4 children And this one little gesture of love I will always remember.
To My Mom
I made for you with special care,
A priceless crown for you to wear.
So put it on and you will see,
A Royal Queen you will be!
Wear it the whole day through,
And I’ll do whatever you ask me to.
For I want to give a hand,
to the BEST MOM in the land!
Happy Mothers Day 2000!
Author unknown

Ivona Magoon

The Greatest Mom
We video taped each child saying why their mom is the greatest mom and will show it Sunday after Sacrament. It only takes a few seconds for each child, we have them decide what they are going to say before hand. We approached it as a search for the
World’s Greatest Mother. Kind of like a news broadcast

“We made telephone, etc. message pads. We used note pads purchased in bulk. the normal white ones with cardboard backing and glue binding at the top) and stapled them to poster board backings that were cut about 1″-2” larger than the note pads to give a border on the sides and bottom and a large enough margin on the top to glue the “dirty handprint” poem. (see below) On the poster board border we put the finger and thumbprints of the children. We punched a hole on each side of the top and tied a piece of yarn there to use as a holder. To make it reusable, instead of stapling the note pad to the poster board, you might be able to make a slit so that the cardboard back would slide into it and then it could be replaced when empty.

“These little hands will not grow
They will always stay just so.
When I’m grown and far away
These little hands with you will stay.
Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
So here’s a little handprint
I carefully made for you
And put upon your ______ [item you made]
To say that I love you.”