Mother’s Day Seed Packet Handout
Mother’s Day Seed Packet Handout

Mother’s Day Seed Packet Handout


We printed off the following file on colored card stock and then then slit the top of the watering can and put the seeds in it and gave it out as a mothers day gift. The poem we used is the one at the right.

The other files has the watering can in color, incase you want to print it that way!


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God’s Garden

Myrtie Fisher Seaverns

When the wise God planted His garden,
scattering the seeds from above,
The choicest seed in His packet
Was the flower of Mother-love.
Carefully watched o’er and tended,
Nurtured by sunshine and shower,
Ever growing sturdy and stronger,
It blooms-a beautiful flower.
A flower so sweet and entrancing,
Dazzling and shining and white,
A love that guards us and guides us
Through life~our beacon light.
A love that steadies our footsteps,
That stretches a helpful hand,
That comforts our sorrows and heartaches,
That always will understand.
Mother-love, God’s gift to His Children,
With heavenly fragrance fraught;
The brightest flower in God’s garden,
His truest forget-me-not.