Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt points

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt points
20 Visit someone that didn’t come tonight and invite them to join you.
(double points if they say yes!)
20 Use the make up in your bag to do someone’s face to look like an Indian
20 Unload groceries for a shopper and return their cart.
20 Weigh the turkey’s in a store until you find one that weights 21 lbs.
20* Find a stranger who is going out of state for Thanksgiving and have
them tell where they are going.
10* Each person on your team hold a different product beginning with the
letter T (for Thanksgiving)
10* Each person on your team hold a different holiday video from a video
10* Do “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” for an audience. (double points
if they join in!)
10* Five people hold up five items that should be included in a
Thanksgiving dinner.
10 Find a stranger to do a turkey gobble for the camera!
10 Each person tell 2 things that they are thankful for.
5* Everyone run around a fire hydrant 3 times yelling “I love Pumpkin
5* Do the Indian dance (with noise) to first base on a softball field.
5* Create a pyramid of at least six people.
This is not a race to see who finishes first, it’s to see who gets the most
points in the time allowed. You will need to be back by 7:45, 2 points will
be deducted for every min. you are late. Please be safe and use caution
while driving.
We had everyone come back and watch the videos on the big screen, it was so
I gave each group this list and a brown bag with Halloween make up, toilet paper and vangs for each member of the group to wear the whole time. I stapled 3 papers with a “Halloween song” to the tune of “I wish I were a oscar meyer wiener”, you could do any song….. good luck!!!