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Here are some Cell Phone wallpapers I have made, this first set is message of the wording shared by Sis Dibbs in General Conference Oct 2012.




Oh one thing, these are sized for an iPhone, I understand they are not wide enough for a Android screen. Unfortunately there are lots of different sizes for Android phones, I don’t think I will be able to make some for each phone, sorry about that.


When you click the download button from your cell phone, all it does is open the image, once you see the image, then press the screen and hold until a window pops up and asks you what you want to to with the image, then save it that way!


How to add image to you phone


Save the image you want to be your wallpaper to your phone then:

  1. In Settings, tap Wallpaper
  2. In Wallpaper, you’ll see the list of the groups of photos your iPhone contains. This includes Wallpaper (built-in images provided by Apple on all iPhones), Camera Roll (pictures taken with your built-in camera), or the names of folders you’ve synced to the phone. Tap the collection of photos you’re interested in.
  3. Tap the photo you want to make your wallpaper. You can move the photo or scale it by zooming in on it, to modify how the image will appear when it’s your wallpaper. When you’ve got the photo how you want it, tap “Set” (or “Cancel” if you change your mind).

How to Customize Your Android Wallpaper


Im a Mormon Wallpaper temple sm Im a Mormon Wallpaper Blue sm Im a Mormon Wallpaper flower sm
 jpgim a mormon wallpaper temple.jpg55.49 KB jpgim a mormon wallpaper blue.jpg67.54 KB  jpgim a mormon wallpaper flower.jpg72.88 KB
 Im a Mormon Wallpaper green sm Im a Mormon Wallpaper Moroni sm Im a Mormon Wallpaper gray sm
 jpgim a mormon wallpaper green.jpg80.03 KB jpgim a mormon wallpaper moroni.jpg37 KB jpgim a mormon wallpaper gray.jpg54.39 KB
Im a Mormon Wallpaper SG sm
 jpgim a mormon wallpaper sg.jpg101.46 KB