Picture book of Christ


  • book for children and others to look at during Sacrament Meeting to help with thinking about Christ
  • cover as many aspects of Christ*s life as possible, particularly areas that children are interested in
  • keep costs as low as possible (about $6 per book is the best we could do; we did 100 books for an Enrichment night in our ward)
  • Start with a small photo album (the $1 kind). They are sometimes called brag books. We found ours at Michael’s. They hold 24 photos each, and the paper in the covers can be removed.

The pictures are from:

  • pass-along cards ordered from the Church distribution center. These pictures are smaller than the page and are mounted on cardstock cut to the full size of the page. Pass-along cards come in packages of 100 for $3.50, and the extras can be used to pass-along to friends.
  • program covers, like those used for Sacrament Meeting programs. A segment of the picture that is 4*x6* is cut from the printed program cover. A template was made with a 5*x8* piece of white paper with a 4″x6″ hole cut out of the center. Move the template around over the program cover until you decide on the best part to use. Be careful with the people in the background near the edges of the template so you aren*t cutting off heads, arms, etc. Program covers come in packages of 100 and cost $6-8 per package.
  • pictures from the Church gospel art kit were used with permission. The pictures were downloaded from the Church web site. In order to bring the focus more on Jesus, the pictures were cropped (being careful about not cutting off heads, etc.). When the result wasn*t a 4*x6* image, borders of a contrast color were added at the top and bottom to fill in the space. We could have mounted the picture on cardstock, but that costs more and putting the color in the digital file with the picture costs nothing more the print. It is also more cost effective and more durable to take the files to a photo shop to be printed. We were able to get $.17 prints at Costco or Sam*s Club. They needed to see a copy of the permission I got from the Church copyright office.
  • purchased as 3″x4″ prints from Deseret Book. There is a discount if lots of the same picture are ordered at the same time.

The following list goes cover to cover by page. Order names and/or numbers are included in parenthesis. Of course any pictures can be substituted or added.

1. (front cover) Joy to the World pass-along card (36878000). The white edges were trimmed off the picture, then it was matted with ivory and mounted on navy card stock. Measure the cover paper that you removed to get the dimensions for the card stock.
2. (inside front cover) Computer printed words from the children*s songbook *Tell Me the Stories of Jesus*on ivory cardstock. Mount the words on the back of the blue cardstock from page 1.
3. *For God so Loved the World* print by Simon Dewey 3*x4*. This is the only print that we purchased as a print. Trim the white edges off the picture and mat the top and bottom edges with mustard cardstock. Mount on a 4*x6* piece of forest green cardstock so that the picture lines up with the right and left edges of the cardstock. This allows all the pictures in the book to be in portrait format so the book doesn*t have to be twisted to be view the pictures.
4. Flight into Egypt (#204) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit.
5. Boy Jesus in the temple (#205) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit.
6. Jesus and His Mother (#242) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit.
7. Jesus with Joseph (Childhood of Jesus Christ #206) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit. The top and bottom were filled with mustard color, as if it had been mounted on mustard cardstock.
8. John Baptizes Jesus (#208) from a program cover.
9. Sermon on the Mount (#212) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit. This was cropped and a blue border was added at the top and bottom of the page.
10. Christ with little boy from a program cover (*In His Light*).
11. Christ and Children (Del Parsons) is a card from the Church distribution center that has the Articles of Faith on the back. Mat the picture with tan paper and mount it on a 4*x6* piece of forest green cardstock. Currently not on the Church web site, but Deseret book has them. They come in a package of 50 from both sources.
12. Christ and children from a program cover (*Suffer Little Children*).
13. Jesus at the Door (#237) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit.
14. Christ healing a blind man (#213) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit.
15. Christ Stilling the Storm (#214) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit.
16. Christ and sheep from a program cover (*Lost No More*).
17. Christ with staff from a program cover (*Light of the World*).
18. Christ washing disciples* feet from a program cover (*Panoramic Christ Washing Feet*).
19. Christ in Gethsemane from a program cover (*Christ in Gethsemane*).
20. Crucifixion of Jesus from a program cover of the same name. The pink border was cut off and the print was mounted on 4*x6* navy blue cardstock.
21. Christ leaving the tomb pass-along card (*Finding Faith in Christ* 36589000). The card is matted with mustard, then mounted on 4*x6* navy cardstock.
22. Christ appears to Mary near tomb pass-along card (*Lamb of God* 36094000). The card is matted with navy and mounted on 4*x6* maroon cardstock.
23. Resurrected Christ with apostles (*Jesus Shows His Wounds* #234) 4*x6* photo printed from the gospel art kit.
24. Christ appears to the Nephites pass-along card (*Book of Mormon* #36171000). Trim the white edge from the picture, mat it with black, and mount on 4*x6* rust cardstock.
25. Christ with Nephites from a program cover of the same name.
26. Christ blesses Nephite children from a program cover (haven*t yet identified the source).
27. (inside back cover) Some people wanted to put the Articles of Faith here. Others wanted to print their testimony on ivory cardstock and mount it on the back of the navy cardstock of the back cover. Others used the *Mary and Martha with Jesus* program cover earlier in the book, just before page 18, above, so that page 26 was really the inside back cover.
28. (back cover) Second Coming of Christ is from a program cover of the same name. Mount on navy cardstock cut to match the original back cover of the photo album.