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How can repentance help me every day?How can repentance help me every day sm

Jesus Christ suffered the penalty for our sins so that we can repent. Repentance is a change of heart and mind that brings us closer to God. It includes turning away from sin and turning to God for forgiveness. It is motivated by love for God and a sincere desire to obey His commandments.


When we sin we turn away from God sm

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Lesson 22 Yw Manual 1:Lesson 22: Repentance

Lesson 22 Repentance smLesson 22 Repentance sm



  • “The Atonement, Repentance, and Dirty Linen”Lynn A. Mickelsen, Liahona, Nov. 2003, 10–13; or Ensign, Nov. 2003, 10–13
    The promise of the Lord is that He will cleanse our garments with His blood. . . . He can redeem us from our personal fall.
  • “Finding Forgiveness”Richard G. Scott, Ensign, May 1995, 75–77
    The steps of repentance . . . produce purity, peace of mind, self-respect, hope, and finally, a new person with a renewed life and abundance of opportunity.
  • “Sin and Suffering”Dallin H. Oaks, Tambuli, Apr. 1994, 26–32; or Ensign, July 1992, 70–74
    There is a relationship between sin and suffering that is not understood by people who knowingly sin in the expectation that all the burden of suffering will be borne by Another. . . . Repentance, which is an assured passage to an eternal destination, is nevertheless not a free ride.
  • “Repentance”Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, Nov. 1991, 30–32
    Repentance is a rescuing, not a dour doctrine. It is available to the gross sinner as well as to the already-good individual striving for incremental improvement.
  • “The Gospel of Repentance”Spencer W. Kimball, Tambuli, Mar. 1983, 1–7; or Ensign, Oct. 1982, 2–4
    Just as the prodigal’s father received him, our Father in Heaven eagerly desires to forgive all those who repent.
  • “What Is True Repentance?”Spencer W. Kimball, New Era, May 1974, 4–7
    Repentance is timeless. The evidence of repentance is transformation.
  • “The Path to Peace and Joy”Richard G. Scott, Liahona, Jan. 2001, 31–33; or Ensign, Nov. 2000, 25–27
    Are you taking full advantage of the redeeming power of repentance in your life so that you can have greater peace and joy?
  • “Do Not Delay”Henry B. Eyring, Liahona, Jan. 2000, 38–41; or Ensign, Nov. 1999, 33–35
    Nephi was right. God gives no commandments to the children of men save He prepares a way for them to obey. However difficult our circumstances, we can repent.
  • “Do You Know How to Repent?”Jay E. Jensen, Liahona, Apr. 2002, 14–17; or New Era, Nov. 1999, 4–7
    Sometime in your life you need to visit Gethsemane; and when you have been there, you’ll understand what repentance is.
  • “Clean Again!”Neil L. Andersen, New Era, Apr. 1997, 4–7
    What a wonderful gift the Savior offers—to feel the joy of being free from sin.
Lesson 26: RepentanceYoung Women Manual 3

But in reality, we all need to repent daily.• Why is daily repentance essential? When we repent every day, we gradually perfect ourselves, we find happiness and joy, and we become more like the Savior.• What are the steps we must take in order to repent?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Young Women

2.Chapter 34: The Power of ForgivingTeachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith

There is now a day of salvation to such as repent and reform.”7 “Suppose that Jesus Christ and holy angels should object to us on frivolous things, what would become of us? If [sinners] repent, we are bound to take them, and by kindness sanctify and cleanse them from all unrighteousness by our influence in watching over them.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Relief Society

3.Chapter 9: Repentance and BaptismTeachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young

Infants are pure, they have neither sorrow of heart, nor sins to repent of and forsake, and consequently are incapable of being baptized for the remission of sin. If you can say you have no sins to repent of, forsake your false theories, and love and serve God with an undivided heart (DBY, 159).

Gospel Library > Lessons > Relief Society

4.Chapter 5: RepentanceTeachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith

I have searched mine, and feel to repent of all my sins. “ ‘We have thieves among us, adulterers, liars, hypocrites. Therefore our hearts ought to be humble, and we to repent of our sins, and put away evil from among us.”12 “Repentance is a thing that cannot be trifled with every day.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Relief Society

5.Lesson 24: Christ-Centered RepentanceAaronic Priesthood Manual 1

We also need to repent of small things we do every day. Quotation and discussionPresident Ezra Taft Benson has explained that if we truly want to repent, we must demonstrate faith in Jesus Christ:“Repentance means more than simply a reformation of behavior.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Aaronic Priesthood

6.Lesson 4: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord”New Testament Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

See Matthew 3:1–2.) What does it mean to repent? John rebuked them, urging them to “repent … and bring forth fruits meet for repentance” (Joseph Smith Translation, Matthew 3:35; note that the word fruits refers to results and that the word meet means worthy or appropriate).

Gospel Library > Lessons > Sunday School

7.Lesson 35: “Repent and Return unto the Lord”Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Samuel warns the Nephites that they will be destroyed unless they repent. How might some people attempt to repent without turning to the Lord?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Sunday School

8.Chapter 19: RepentanceGospel Principles

Discussion • Why must we repent of our sins? If we do not admit this, we cannot repent.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Sunday School

9.Lesson 7: “The First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel”Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

What can we see more clearly when we repent? What does the Lord promise as we truly repent of our sins?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Sunday School

10.Lesson 34: “How Could You Have Forgotten Your God?”Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

See Helaman 10:18–11:2.) What did Nephi pray for in order to help the people remember the Lord and repent? See Helaman 12:25–26.) What will be the fate of those who repent and obey the Lord?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Sunday School

11.Lesson 12: Repentance Is a BlessingPreparing for Exaltation: Teacher’s Manual

PurposeTo create in class members a desire to repent of their sins.Preparation1. Confession shows that we are sincere about wanting to repent.• What does it mean to forsake your sin?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Sunday School

12.Lesson 24: “Create in Me a Clean Heart”Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual

Purpose To encourage class members to be chaste in thought and action and to repent of their sins. Why is it important that we recognize God’s greatness and our own sinfulness when we repent of our sins?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Sunday School

13.Lesson 43: Jonah and the People of NinevehPrimary 6: Old Testament

The people repent and the city is saved. What do we need to do to repent?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Primary

14.Lesson 14: Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah RepentPrimary 4: Book of Mormon

How did Alma’s knowledge of Jesus Christ’s atonement help him repent? Alma 36:18.) Why is it important to confess our sins and pray for forgiveness when we repent?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Primary

15.Lesson 10: RepentancePrimary 3: Choose the Right B

Repent.) Have a child post the wordstrip “Feel sorry” under the wordstrip “Repentance.” Explain that when we realize that we have done something wrong, we should admit that we’ve done wrong and feel sorry that we did it. What is the great promise that Jesus gives to us if we repent?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Primary

16.Lesson 22: The Atonement of Jesus ChristPrimary 3: Choose the Right B

Repent.) Display on the chalkboard the four wordstrips. But when we do sin, we can repent and become clean and pure.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Primary

17.Lesson 42: The Conversion of SaulPrimary 7: New Testament

What do we need to do to repent of our sins? He needed to repent and be baptized.• Why is it important to repent when we do something wrong?

Gospel Library > Lessons > Primary

18.Lesson 2: RepentanceThe Latter-day Saint Woman: Basic Manual for Women, Part A

We All Need to Repent • Read Romans 3:23. But with their help I was able to repent.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Young Women

19.Lesson 27: Forgiving OurselvesYoung Women Manual 3

ConclusionExplain that the Lord has promised us that he will forgive us and remember our sins no more if we repent. It is up to us to repent and forgive ourselves.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Young Women

20.Lesson 22: RepentanceYoung Women Manual 1

Steps of RepentanceQuotation, wordstrips, and discussion• How do you repent? Alma felt great remorse as he began to repent of his sins.

Gospel Library > Lessons > Young Women