JULIA: Preparing for bed and starting to dream.” I wonder if I’m dating the right kind of boys? Jim is so much fun to be with? I wonder if he is the one for me?” The bed is removed from the stage as the other scene appears.

The dream scene opens with wedding decorations displayed. Four chairs on the right and four chairs on the left of the stage. Prelude music is played until the Bishop takes center stage. Spotlight on him.

BISHOP: “The bride and groom have asked me, Bishop—-, to extend to you their thanks for coming to witness their wedding ceremony this day.” He looks around and then starts talking as if he is thinking out loud.

BISHOP ON TAPE: “Jim Hansen and Julia Harriet. How fast they have grown. (music starts) It seems as though it was only yesterday that Jim received his first merit badge and Julie graduated from Primary. I can remember when they first started dating. From the stand I
noticed Julia watching Jim. Then he would turn to watch her. She would quickly avoid his eyes so he wouldn’t suspect she had been watching him. Jim didn’t come to church there for quite a while. I was concerned about that. I was happy when Julie started encouraging him to come to church with her. I really should have been more concerned about them dating when it was evident that Jim’s attitude toward the church had changed. I didn’t realize that it had gotten serious so quickly. I wish Jim would have considered going on a mission, but he didn’t get much encouragement along that line.” “Julie, I remember your last interview with me before you left the Young Women’s program. You told me that someday you wanted a special
home just like the one your parents raised you in. Your eyes sparkled when you talked of someday finding an eternal companion, who had the same goals as you, who would take you to the Temple of the Lord. Someone who would honor his priesthood and lead you and your future family in prayer, scripture reading, and family home evening. I tried to discourage you from taking a chance on falling in love with someone who might never have the same eternal goals as you. You assured me that is was just “fun” dating Jim, it wasn’t serious and you certainly never intended to marry him. Now you are about to enter into a marriage where the contract between you and your chosen companion will endure only until “death do you part.” Why have you made this decision? Have you considered how you are putting your eternal goals in jeopardy? Are you sure you are ready to risk losing so much?”

JIM ON TAPE: Enters the stage and shakes hands with the Bishop. (music on) “Whew… I can’t wait to get out of this monkey suit. Just look at all of these people! I guess I should be

used to crowds, but somehow it’s different when you’re playing on the basketball court.
I’m sure lucky to be marrying a girl like Julia. She is one special girl and I really do love her. I’ll be glad when today is over though. Then she’ll be mine and I won’t have to waste time going to church every Sunday. Don’t take me wrong, Bishop. Going to church is all right if you don’t have anything important to do. If I’m going to make it in professional basketball, I have to concentrate on my career.  Once I’m at the top, I’ll be able to afford all the important things I’d like to give Julia. Boy I’m hot! He wipes his brow. I sure wish she’d hurry! Music and spot light off.

JULIA ON TAPE: Julie comes up the aisle on her father’s arm. Her mother, Advisor, and neighbor come in and are seated on chairs. ” My wedding day, I can hardly it’s here! If anyone would have told me I was getting married before I was nineteen, I would have laughed at
them. But, what is a girl supposed to do when she falls in love, especially when that someone is a special person like Jim? Doesn’t he look handsome in that suit? Pause I’m so happy, I wish today could last forever. I hope mom and dad aren’t too disappointed that we aren’t marrying in the temple. I know that after we are married, I can persuade Jim to go with me, to be sealed in the temple. We love each other so much that surely nothing could possibly get in the way. If they knew him the way I do, they wouldn’t be worried. Pause… There’s the bishop. I can’t help thinking of the terrific talk we had at my last interview. Pause I hope I’ve made the right decision. I guess I’m suffering from last minute jitters.” Tape, Music, and Spot
Light off. Julia is standing by Jim and her father goes and sits by her mother.

BISHOP: “Brothers and Sisters, we meet today to join Jim Hansen and Julia Harriett in marriage. I am glad they have asked me, their Bishop, to marry them. The Lord planned that men and women would find each other and have a happy family relationship. He has said, ”
Therefore, shall a son leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”  As you say your vows today you will be forming a partnership with each other. Now is the time for you to plan a good strong marriage and organize and set your goals for a marriage which will be beautiful and rewarding. Now, if there is no one here who objects, let us proceed with the ceremony.”

FATHER ON TAPE: Spotlight, music, and tape on. “Oh Julia, my dear, sweet daughter, I wish I could object. So many times I have tried to take from my own heart the feelings I have about the temple and graft them into your heart.  I remember looking at temple pictures with you and driving past the temple saying, “This is where your mother and I were married.” I remember that special family home evening we had when you were younger and I asked if I could tell you about your future. You said, ” Yes” and I said something like, “Julia when you

get older, you’ll meet a young man and you’ll come home to me and say ”Dad, I met a boy I really like a lot.” Then I’ll meet him and I’ll like him too. Then one day you’ll come home and say, “Dad, I don’t just like him, I love him, and I want to marry him.” and you’ll have my blessings. Very early in the morning on the appointed day, I’ll come in your room and touch your shoulder and whisper, “Julia, it’s time to get up. It’s your wedding day.” We’ll drive through the morning air and park as close as we can to the temple. Once inside we’ll all dress in white and go to a room where people get married forever. I’ll look at you and think you are the most beautiful daughter in the world, but you won’t be looking at me, you’ll be looking at him. The room will be peaceful and beautiful. A man of God will be there-one who is ordained to perform that sacred covenant and he will talk to you about your marriage. He’ll ask you and your chosen mate to kneel, one on each side of a beautiful altar. As you kneel your hands will join in an eternal clasp. Your wedding ceremony will be performed through the priesthood of
God. One that day a partnership will be formed between you, your companion and your Heavenly Father. That partnership will last forever. Oh Julia, how different this marriage is from the one we talked about that night. A man of God is here and he will perform your wedding ceremony, but when he is finished, you’ll only be married until this life is over. The story of your union will end. Just as your marriage to Jim will come to an end. My dear, sweet
Julia, how hard your mother and I have tried to teach you, to show you through our example how important a celestial marriage is, but the decision is yours. How my heart aches. Do you know how much I love you?” Tape, Music, Spotlight off.

MOTHER ON TAPE: Spotlight on mother and tape starts. “Object? Oh Julia, you are my daughter, so precious and dear to me, I love you so much. This is your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life. The decorations are lovely, you look beautiful in your dress, and your friends and family are here. The whole atmosphere is exciting and sweet, but Julia, if you just knew what you are missing.  Music starts. The day your father and I went to the temple to be married for time and eternity was one if the most glorious days of our lives-a day we will treasure and hold dear forever. I recall that your grandmother slipped a piece of paper on my pillow the night before my wedding. It said, “Enter the temple as if the floor within were gold; and every wall of jewels; all of wealth untold. As if a choir in robes of fire were singing here. No shout, no rush, only hush… for God is here.”  Julia from the moment we entered that holy building, the feelings of peace were overpowering. Never before had
we felt so united with each other and our Heavenly Father. That glorious day we pledged our eternal love and fidelity each for the other, not just before our friends and loved ones, but in the presence of God and angels. The day we were sealed was the day I really fell in love with your father. I know you sincerely love Jim, but is that enough? If only you would have held out for a temple marriage. We would have given you the support you needed. I love you  Julia. The decision is yours.”

PLAY SONG “What do you do when the going gets rough and the journey is tough” (Saturday’s Warriors)

NEIGHBOR ON TAPE: Spotlight and Tape on “Julia, even though I am only your friend and neighbor, I would give anything if I could object to this wedding.  Music starts. I have watched as you have grown to a very special young woman. It makes me sad when I see you make the same mistake I did when I got married. I grew up in a strong LDS family like yours, but I wasn’t committed to temple marriage. I fell in love with a man much like Jim. I kept telling myself he would change his attitude toward the church once we were married. We had our first baby, Ben. As time went by, things got worse. We weren’t a family. We were just three people living together under one roof. Over the years, more babies came, but the arguments over time spent on church things has not stopped. There is great anxiety in not
knowing how it will be when we come home from a church meeting. Will it be silence chilled with words not spoken, or a raise of the eyebrows that dismisses the entire subject? Our sweet children can feel the anger, the heartache, and the bitterness. Often they cry
because they know things are not as they should be. I love Ben, but my heart aches over the years that have passed because he has not seen fit to take us to the temple. How frightening. How final. How devastating to realize that my marriage, my children, and my family life will end with death, because I failed to follow God’s instructions. I wish I had been more committed to all the blessings and promises of a temple marriage. I hope and pray that things
will work out better for you.” Tape, Music, and Spotlight off.

LAUREL ADVISOR ON TAPE: Spotlight and Tape on. “My mind has been busy playing back bits and pieces of the lessons I gave you when you were in my class. I too, have a great concern for your future happiness.  Music starts.  Julia, do you remember who you are? You are a daughter of God and because you  are His daughter, you have the potential to
receive all the glories and  blessings that God has promised His children. You are entitled to a queendom.  You are heir to the great fortunes of eternal life. What will you do with this prized inheritance? The Lord is very specific and very definite on what he requires of each of us, Julia. The temple endowment is one if the ordinances that is required to enable us to walk back to the presence of our Father in  Heaven. Without this endowment we will not be
allowed to pass by the angels.  You are placing your inheritance in jeopardy, all because a decision was not made and the commitment was not there. Tape, Music, and Spotlight off

PLAY SONG: “Line upon Line, Precept on Precept” (Sat Warriors)

CHILD ON TAPE: Dressed in white. Spotlight-shine on child as she walks down the aisle. “I wish I were here to object. Music starts. A few short years in the future you will be my

mother. Your decision to get married in the temple or not affects me too. I am with Heavenly
Father now, but one day you will bring my spirit from heaven to live in our home. Julia, will I be born under the covenant? Will you teach me and prepare me to return to my Heavenly Father?  Will I know the joy and happiness of belonging to an eternal family? I cannot make
these decisions for myself for I am not yet born. You are making them for me for someday you will be my mother.”

PLAY SONG: “I am a child of God” Child turns and walks back down aisle.  Tape, Music, Spotlight off.

Music starts as Spotlight picks up future husband coming down the aisle.

FUTURE HUSBAND ON TAPE: “Julia, if you would only wait. Music starts.  In a few short months, I will return from my mission and you and I will meet. If you will wait, the time will come when you will go to your dad and tell him you have met a boy you really like a lot. Then
he’ll meet me and he’ll like me too. Our friendship will blossom and one night I will tell you that I love you and you will know that you love me too. I will ask you to be my companion, Julia, on this earth and forever as we continue into eternity. On the appointed day you and I will enter the temple of the Lord. We’ll dress in white and after you have received your endowments we’ll go to the room where we will be married forever. It will be so peaceful and beautiful there. A man of God will be there and he will talk to us about marriage. He’ll ask you to kneel on one side of the altar and me on the other side. We’ll hold hands and I will look at you and know you are the loveliest young woman in the world.  We’ll promise to be true to our Father in Heaven and to each other as husband  and wife. By the power of the holy priesthood we will be sealed and a partnership will be formed that will bridge death and take us into eternity. When children bless our home we will teach them to walk in the way of the Lord and they will be ours forever. Our home will be blessed with the priesthood.  We will have prayer, scriptures, and family home evening in our home. We may or may not become rich in this life, but together we will work toward the riches of eternity. Our circle of love will grow and extend beyond days and years, for in God’s eternal plan, life goes on forever and ever. Julia, Julia, will you please wait for me?”  Music, and Spotlight off

JULIA” Waking up in bed looking around and stretching. “It isn’t true. I’m not really getting married yet. What a wonderful but frightful dream! This dream made me realize that my choice of a husband affects so many more people than myself. No wonder the leaders have cautioned us to be prayerful in our dating.”