The Garden

By Torie from Queen Creek, AZ.

The Garden

By Torie

The scene- 2 Sisters are working in a garden.  The garden is beautiful and varied.  A 3rd Sister approaches and after watching them work for a moment says,

3rd Sister:  “Excuse me, isn’t this a public garden?”

1st Sister:  “Yes it is.”

2nd Sister:  “Are you enjoying it?”

3rd:  “Yes, it’s beautiful.  But why are you working here?  Aren’t there city gardeners who will do this work?”

1st:  “Yes there are city gardeners, but there are so many parks and gardens to care for in our city that the city gardeners can’t do it alone.”

2nd:  “So all of us who live here have been asked to help with the gardens and everyone is assigned a section to care for.”

3rd:  “I see.  So you’re working here because you were asked to.”

2nd:  “Yes, at first that was why we came, but now we come because we love the garden and the beauty and joy that it brings to others.”

3rd:  “Wow, you two must spend all your time working here, otherwise your section of the garden wouldn’t be so beautiful.

1st:  “No, we aren’t here all the time.  We do set aside time every month to come and work together so that neither of us feels that we are doing all the work alone.”

2nd:  “It is very reassuring to know that I don’t have to care for this part of the garden by myself.  Aside from our monthly visit, we try to stop by as often as we can or when we know there is a need.”

3rd:  “What do you mean ‘when you know there is a need’?  Isn’t the garden constantly in need of attention?”

1st:  “Gardens do need a lot of care, but there are many sources that the garden receives help from.  The sun shines on the garden and helps the flowers produce their food.”

2nd:  “The rain helps with the watering and the bees pollinate the flowers and plants, to help them grow and then the bees make honey.  But sometimes we do know there is a need.  Two weeks ago we had a terrible rainstorm and because our section of the garden is at the bottom of a slope we knew that water would be pooling here.”

1st:  “So we came in the rain and dug some trenches to let the water run off.  As it turned out not only did our trenches stop the water from pooling, but it kept the water from running into the garden carrying all the top soil away.  So we did more good then we thought.”

3rd:  “Well, I can see why you came out when you knew it was raining, but when you come and it isn’t for a formal visit, do you get anything done?”

2nd:  “Oh, sometimes I think that’s when we do the most good even if it isn’t the most work.”

1st:  “One time when we stopped by we found a dog digging up these flowers here by the walk.  So we returned the dog to its home and we were able to re-plant the flowers before their roots dried up.”

3rd:  “Re-planting sounds like a lot of effort.  Did it work?”

2nd:  “It wasn’t too much work because it was just these four flowers, but see how well they are doing now?”

3rd:  “They are beautiful.  I guess I understand why you do this.”

1st:  “The garden truly is beautiful.  We haven’t always saved all the flowers, but we never give up either.  Besides, the garden has given us more than we could ever give it.”

3rd:  “How is that possible?  You weed it, water it, plant it, watch over it, and love it!”

2nd:  “Yes, but when we started we didn’t know much about gardening.”

1st:  “Working in the garden helps me keep my perspective.  I spend less time worrying and more energy doing something for others.”

2nd:  “The garden actually makes us feel important and like we have purpose because it needs us.”

3rd:  “I hadn’t really thought about it, but I suppose that’s true.  I’m glad that you two do this.  I never could.  I don’t have enough time and I would be afraid that I would just mess it up.”

1st:  “It doesn’t take as much time as you think.  Just 5 minutes here and there can make a big difference.  In 5 minutes you can pull a lot of weeds or plant a few new flowers.”

2nd:  “The garden doesn’t grow because we do things perfectly.  It grows because we do something.”

1st:  “Here is a flower that we would like you to care for.  Visit your flower as often as you can and if you keep your eyes open you will see what it needs beyond just water and sunlight.”

3rd:  “Well, I’ll give it a try.  Wow, this flower can make me feel important and worthwhile because it needs me.  Who would have thought it?”

The End

D&C 6:33 “Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore if ye sow good ye shall reap good for your reward.”