What Are Skits?


Skits are a dramatized joke or funny situation with a snappy line or sight gag at the end. Skits help channel a boy’s imagination. He doesn’t just play he’s a pirate. He IS a pirate sailing the ocean blue under the Jolly Roger. Dramatics are important in the growth of a boy because it gives him an outlet for the “let’s pretend” part of his character. It gives him a chance for creative expression. Skits help develop his power of observation and recognize the desirable characteristics in the people he sees. Skits help develop his coordination and timing, thus increasing his self confidence. Skits show the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

Skits also set the mood of the monthly theme. Skits serve as ice breakers and comic relief during the pack meeting. Skits take the pack meeting out of the hands of adults and focuses on the boys.

Once in a while there is a shy boy who would prefer not to take part in skits. A costume often will help overcome his shyness. He can also handle other important roles like lighting, scenery or sound effects.

If a boy is having trouble remembering his lines, write them down on index cards or use cue cards (poster board size).

Keep It Simple

Simple lines, simple costumes, and simple props are more effective than elaborate ones done poorly. A sign can do wonders … it turns a box into a wagon, boat, plane, etc. It can even turn a boy into a tree or a mountain.


Are short (3 to 5 minutes)

Have simple dialogue … no long memorized lines

Can use pantomimes

Let every boy participate

Have liberal usage of stage direction … who goes where, when and does what


Program Helps

Den Chief’s Handbook

Cub Scout Leaders How-To Book

Pow Wow Books

Public library

Children’s magazines