To Parents …. Whatever it Takes (poem)

To Parents

Whatever it Takes..
We know we’re awfully busy with activities galore,
Once again you see your daughter as she’s going out the door!
Young Women, sports, and school, friends and meetings to attend,
Add a part-time job on top of these – it seems to never end!
These days are awfully busy with so many things to do,
Choices constantly are being made with decisions up to you.
We leaders of Young Women want you parents all to know,
How much we love your daughters and want to see them grow!
The program for young Women is inspired from above,
It’s inspired by faithful leaders for Young Women who they love.
We need your love as parents with the many things we do,
But you see we’re only just a bridge for the girls to come to you,
The parents are the anchor, the program just a way,
To bring Young Women back to Christ, we much start now, today..
For the adversary works overtime with snares on every side,
He delights in immorality and fosters unrighteous pride.
So while we may seem busy, it’s the girls we’re fighter for,
We cannot stop or slow our steps, we must do even more!
So thank you for your patience and your understanding heart,
With harmony between us we can all perform our part,
To bring His daughters home is the purpose of His plan,
With all of us united and our faith we surely can!

By Jolene Pugmire