White Handkerchief Poems

White Handkerchief Poems

White Handkerchief
My dear young woman…………
I could wish no greater joy for you
Than the happiness of a sweet, clean life
And finding the right young man
To cherish and love as his wife
I give you this keepsake handkerchief
(which your great grandmother and mother so lovingly stitched)
And ask you to tack it away
And remember its clean, white purity
Should reflect your own the day
You enter the Lords sacred Temple
And pledge your life to Him
Keep your goals as bright as forever
Never let your light grow dim.

Temple Hankie
We give to you this handkerchief
Made with our own hands
It represents the purity
For which the temple stands
A small reminder of the truths
We know that you’ve been taught
We hope it helps you never forget
That you’re FIRST a daughter of God.

Tuck this pretty
White handkerchief away,
Take it out to be used
On a very special day,
When you go to the
Temple to make covenants,
And receive your own
Temple Endowment.

Temple Hankie
by Vicki B. Wright
White and clean
The same as you
This Hanky you
Should bring
To the Holy Temple
Of our Lord
To hold your
Sweethearts ring.

Pure and White
by Kathy Carrico Himle
Within the walls of God’s house,
A handkerchief, lacy and white,
Is tightly clutched by a daughter of God
As she follows in the light.
She’s not like other handkerchiefs
Held in sorrow, pain or fear.
For she witnesses the best in life
Catching only joyful tears
She loves the one who holds her
And wants to see her choose the right
To be like her – the handkerchief
Unspotted, pure and white.
Take me always to the temple
I’ll remind you of today
The love, the joy the happiness
The path that marks the way.
Remember, you are special,
And God watches over you!
Return often to His house,
For He’ll bless you as you do.

This is only a little hanky here.
But it is pure and white as snow;
May it’s emblems of purity follow you dear,
And guide you wherever you go.
It’s dainty and so very much like
The girl I’m sending it to;
May you, like the little white hanky,
Keep yourself as dainty and true.
In this little hanky is service,
Service and joy it will give;
If you give of yourself gladly,
You’ll find joy every day that you live.
There are things that might stain its whiteness
Things that water may not wash away;
Stains that will show ever after,
And mar its beauty each day.
May stains never mar your beauty,
Things that water will not wash away;
May you keep as pure and sweet and dear,
As this little hanky today.

This handkerchief was made with love
Especially for you.
A symbol of your Young Women years
To cherish your whole life through.
May its whiteness be a reminder
To please stay clean and pure.
As the linen, may you be most strong
With a testimony sure.
As the lace, may all your life
Be filled with charm and grace.
May the inner beauty of your soul
Glow in your eyes and face.
Someday when you are married
To a choice and worthy “he”
May it be in the house of the Lord
For time and eternity.
Carry this handkerchief with you
On that special wondrous day,
As a symbol of the girl you are
And will forever stay.

This hankie of white, trimmed with lace
Is to take with you to that Holy Place.
Let its color of purity be a message to you
To remember your standards in all that you do.